Celebrations @ The Lodge

Celebrations should be a special experience for you and your guests. Shipways at The Lodge offers you the inspiration and service you need. From that distinctive buffet for your family birthday to complete party planning including catering, music and design. We're here to take care of everything on your behalf, reliably, creatively and make everything just as you want it to be.

We organise and cater for events of every description, for example:

  • birthdays
  • business meetings
  • anniversaries
  • christenings
A great party is something you remember for a long time. As a party organiser for Dudley and the surrounding area, we do more than just provide you with a variety of high-quality meals to suit your requirements. We're also happy to offer our organisational skills, staff and equipment to make organising the entire event easier for you.


Shipway Bros Caterers Limited offers all these benefits & sevices:

  • years of experience in organising events of all sizes
  • varied and quality cuisine
  • high levels of creativity and commitment
  • reasonable and easy-to-understand prices
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